7 thoughts on “Magento2 – How to show all email template in System configuration field

  1. Kamalakannan Ravichandran says:

    Hai jutesenthil., Let me know about how can preview email templates in front-end as like back-end email template preview

    • Mr.Jute says:

      Hi Kamalakannan, default system don’t have this option. But yes we can do some customization to preview the Email template. But one thing i want to know. In which scenarion you want to view the preview ? Like customers can able to view the preview for all the Email template ? or is there any specific link & that too access all the email template preview at at time ? can you please explain about your requirement. Thanks.

      best regards

    • Mr.Jute says:

      Hi Kamalakannan,
      Am not sure in which scenario you want to display the Email template in frontend.
      But try to use below steps you will get some idea to bring the preview
      try to use
      1. Create one html file
      2. Call below method & pass necessary parameters (based on your Email template). If you are not passing any param then it will display plan preview template.
      Use below script, getProcessedTemplate() method .
      3. Echo the result
      Ex: echo Mage::(”)->getProcessedTemplate();

      best regards

  2. Dev says:

    Hello, I have created admin dropdown field as Store=>Configuration=>Sales=>Sales Emails=>Order and created dropdown box which displays all templates. Its only working when I only select my custom template. If I select any other templates it returned as preview template in email without customer data. E.g. If I select “Order for Guest” template from custom dropdown list than I receive preview of that email, without data inside it. I want to get data even if I select any other templates.
    Thanks in advance.

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